The correlation between gaming and negative versus positive emotion [Part 1]

The stemming…

Upon browsing the forums of Guru I noticed a trending of negative topics. While this is normal one to two weeks previous to the launch of a game, I thought it might be fun to explore why this happens and how we can learn from it in the future, not only for the release of a game but in game as well.

After reading these topics I decided to Google “Why negative emotions are stronger than positive emotions” and stumbled on to a very informative article on the study of negative versus positive emotion. The study was based on money but can be attributed to many things in life. For our purposes we will use this article to break down why gamers tend to be negative as opposed to positive. While this is not a proven statement I would like to explore the reason it could be proven instead of trying to disprove it, in an attempt to reverse engineer the issue. Continue reading


Mounts, flamming, and the aftermath…

The Scenario

This poor guy on Guru got blasted for a mere suggestion, is this what we are to expect from the members of the Guild Wars 2 community? I sincerely hope not…

Sound the alarms!

I don’t mean to be the guy who stands up for the little guy, sometimes it just happens and sometimes I just feel the need to voice my opinion to those who “throw the first stone” . I try to stay out of these squabbles because the vast majority of the original thread starters don’t even care. This one just seemed to be a sore point with me so I figured I would step up to the plate and swing at a few.

Time for a bit of reality…

First I have to say I’m not for mounts, but I’m also not into falsely verified information or single minded masses.

Guild Wars 2 is not a new concept, it’s still an MMO, you still kill critters, creeps, and mobs, you still make money, you still do dungeons, you still do things that progress you through a story. None of this sounds new to me. Let us not pretend like this is the most innovative thing of the 21st century. It’s not curing cancer nor providing world peace, it is simply a better version of what we have been working up to for years.

The point

The point being the “original poster” is being chastised for something that we have been using for almost a decade (if not a decade) in MMO’s and has become something of a staple for the majority of MMO’s (only including WoW not all exclusive….). Asking a question and or making a suggestion does not translate to “Sound the alarm and grab your torches and pitch forks!” it merely means that some one has an opinion that differs from yours (regardless if you are with or against the “general consensus”).

An open minded community will not fail, let’s not get into that mentality that countless other communities have adopted and have been branded with a tarnished reputation.

A message

To the “OP“, keep them idea’s coming, however misguided they may be, free thinking is the spirit of innovation and progress. Something I am very fond of and really look for in a progressive state of mind.

Does the dungeon token system bother you?

The what…

I was reading a forum post on Guru about the implementation of dungeon tokens asking whether or not players liked this system. My intentions  in Guildwars 2, is to go back to basics. I really liked grinding out things that I wanted but don’t really “have” to have. I understand the authors point but totally disagree…

Trading won’t work…

While I don’t mind the occasional BoE being sold/traded, I believe that most of these items unless put on a ridiculously low drop rate become under valued and almost common. The value of a piece of armor or a weapon directly relates to the availability of said item. When you allow trading, you open a door to flood the market with items that are otherwise sought after.

Dungeon tokens were put in the game to give players a reason to go into a certain dungeons at any level to gain access to certain armor sets. This stimulates players to play with each other and removes the level gap with level scaling. If there were no reason to go into a dungeon why would anyone do them?
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ArenaNet wants us to connect…

I was over on the ArenaNet blog checking out the new article written by Jeff Grubb and I realized that it has been a very long time since I have connected with a character in an MMO. They had a lot of interesting things to say but I will be going over what I found to be the most interesting.

Jeff: And I think we find that middle ground with your initial character creation in Guild Wars 2. We give you choices beyond just race and profession, and we make those choices meaningful for your experience in the game. If you’re an Ash Legion charr, your experience will have a different feel than if you’re Iron Legion. If you’re an asura from the College of Synergetics, you get different life experiences than if you’re from the College of Dynamics.

This is one of the most important parts of connecting to your character in my opinion. I remember when I made my Druid in World of Warcraft I felt that connection. Not because of the character selection but because they gave us a story with class quests (something they later reduced to “do them if you feel like it” quests).

Fast forward to March 2011 and the release of Rift. I remember creating my Rogue and falling in love with the game play, dynamic events, and soul system, but also remember not really getting any direction or feel for the story or a purpose for being where I was and doing what I was doing.

All in all they have tried to create an environment for us that makes us feel like we are important and that we have a purpose in the world beyond that of just “playing the game”.

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